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Dark Spirited Nevermore

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Chapter 1 - The Magic Journal
Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a young woman who was frustrated with school. She longed for a place to vent so she created a journal and bound it with magic spells to keep away peering eyes for fear that it would fall into the wrong hands.

With time, people discovered the journal and befriended the young woman. She cherished her journal and the friends she discovered. To this day, the magic journal exists, though it is still bound by lock and key. Rumor says that those who gain the woman's trust are given keys too so that they may unlock certain parts of the magical journal.

Chapter 2 - The Young Woman
The young woman who bound the magical journal still exists too, and she enjoys meeting others. She has established many ties with others in far away lands with the help of the Realm of the Internet.

The young woman is often forced into battle against a monster known as Procrastination or against one of his many minions. She also spends much of her free time exploring the depths of the Realm of the Internet. She also raises and breeds dragons in her spare time.

Currently, she resides in a small room near the university where she studies Spanish and English for secondary education. It is rumored that she also wishes to become a writer when she grows up, and this is why she is often found weaving stories together with ink and imagination. She is also very fond of music, which is why she often sings and hums to herself, and loves to read whenever she finds the time. She owns a husky and a lizard, and her family also has two horses. She is also the proud aunt of four. Her greatest wish would be a time turner because she feels as though it would be the greatest weapon in her battle with Procrastination.
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My characters only keep me around so someone will write down their story. - Me

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